Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics (CCBHCs) as a Diversion Strategy

Join us as we look at how a Demonstration CCBHC has implemented diversion strategies for people in crisis to decrease emergency department visits, decrease inpatient stays, and divert individuals from involvement with the criminal justice system. In this webinar you will learn about the relationships and communication processes this CCBHC has built with external entities such as hospitals and the police force. You will hear about the proactive steps the agency is taking, such as delivering “crisis intervention training” to the police and conducting primary care screening and monitoring for the clients they serve. And finally, agency leadership will share how they established relationships with social service agencies to mitigate social determinant of health issues for an individual that can contribute to increased ED visits and potential behavioral health crises. By attending this webinar, you will be able to take away diversion strategies that can work in your CCBHC as well.

Upon completion of this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • How to establish relationships and open communication with hospitals and law enforcement agencies
  • How to create response protocols for use when called upon by these external community-based entities
  • How to work with social service agencies to mitigate SDOH issues

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Making Strategy Work – Mission, Growth, & Sustainability

Free web forum, sponsored by Qualifacts + Credible and OPEN MINDS

Michael Porter stated that strategy was really just answering the two most basic questions of an organization: Who do we serve and how do we serve them? While there is elegant simplicity in that phrasing, planned strategic change is a delicate balancing act of managing the present and the future in domains of finance, customer service, and internal efficiency and doing so without losing the commitment of board or staff. Its no wonder that McKinsey studies have shown that as high as 70% of these change efforts fail – even pre-COVID.  The pandemic has doubled the stakes and speed of the game. Margins are thinner, competitors are stronger and bigger, change is more urgent, and staff we need to lead this charge are tired.

Together in this discussion, we will explore the following issues:

  • How can I truly and honestly self-assess my organizations strengths and needs?
  • How can we pierce the fog of chaos and create a vision for the community that is engaging, efficient, and effective?
  • Can we still sell that vision? Will old communication styles still succeed?
  • What new day to day metrics and management habits can help in balancing the present and future?

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