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It’s Your Data – Use It: How To Effectively Leverage Your EHR For Data-Driven Decisionmaking

Product Demonstration – Sponsored By Qualifacts + Credible

Today’s electronic health records (EHR) allow provider organizations to collect more data about their practice, clinicians, consumers, and reimbursements than ever before. With this wealth of information, how do you know where to start? Which metrics are best for your analyses, and what should your goals be moving forward? In this session, Jesse Weidner, Solutions Consultant Manager, and Angellica Eddleman, Vice President of Sales, both from Qualifacts + Credible will showcase how organizations are utilizing a fully configurable EHR to effectively collect and analyze data and provide visually compelling graphs for informed decisionmaking. Faculty will demonstrate multiple reporting options and show how they can be turned into visually compelling custom reports and dashboards to suit the needs of any organization, even those operating within a value-based reimbursement model.

Connected Care: The EHR’s Role in a Patient-Centered Healthcare Ecosystem

Behavioral health agencies need EHR technology that offers ease of use, visibility, dashboards, frictionless exchange of info, and awareness of clinical data and updates, all without custom integrations. They also need a platform that can securely integrate into other data-collecting platforms — both those that exist now and those yet to come — to make it easier and timelier to share information.

This webinar will discuss:

  • What type of information EHRs are currently providing to outside parties, such as HIEs
  • How the right EHR will improve both compliance and organizational success
  • How to determine if your EHR is ready and, if not, the next steps to take

Attendees will learn:

  • What types of outside entities or platforms EHRs are sharing data with now
  • The importance of having EHR technology that can adapt to current and future data-sharing needs
  • What to look for when evaluating EHR readiness when it comes to external data sharing