Six Steps To Improving CCBHC Outcomes: A Berks Counseling Center Case Study

Free Executive Web Briefing Courtesy Of The Providers’ Resource Center for Behavioral Health and Human Services

With the shift to whole-person care, data has taken on an extremely important role for many organizations. Provider organizations, like Certified Community Behavioral Health Centers (CCBHCs), need data to show performance improvements on quality outcome measures for their sustainability. Berks Counseling Center in Pennsylvania is just one of these organizations that has found a proven six-step process for improving performance in just one year.

Join Mary Givens, CCBHC Program Manager for Qualifacts and John E. Heim, Technology Specialist, EHR Systems for Berks Counseling Center to hear the center’s six-step process for improving performance on behavioral health outcomes for CCBHCs. Berks Counseling Center has been a CCBHC since the original Medicaid Demonstration model in 2017. During this exciting event on May 24 at 1:00pm EST, attendees will learn how Berks Counseling Center was successful in improving their performance and building a cycle of continuous quality improvement. Our presenters will also share some of the greatest challenges and successes experienced throughout the CCBHC journey, along with important lessons learned.

Attendees will learn:

  1. The six steps to improving your CCBHC’s performance on quality outcome measures
  2. Insight into the greatest challenges of high performance on the behavioral health measures for CCBHCs
  3. Challenges, successes, and lessons learned from a mature CCBHC

All registrants will receive a link to download the presentation slide deck at the conclusion of the live event!

Maximize Your Organizational Effectiveness With Analytics & Reporting: Unique Case Studies As Told By Monarch & Options Counseling & Family Services

Improving value, competitive advantage, and sustainability are top of mind for executives of most behavioral health and human services provider organizations. None of these improvements are possible without consistent, high-quality reporting and analytics. Implementing analytics and reporting is much easier than you may believe.

Join Scott Budzien, Data Scientist at Monarch; Adam Falk, Chief Information Officer at Options Counseling and Family Services; and Christy Winter, Senior Product Manager, Analytics, at Qualifacts + Credible on September 28 at 1:00pm ET, for a deep dive into the world of reporting and analytics, and how they can benefit your organization. Our panelists will discuss the difference between reporting and analytics and the value each provides to your organization. They will also discuss several key strategies for successfully implementing reporting and analytics in your culture. You will also hear Monarch and Options Counseling and Family Services share their journeys into the world of reporting and analytics and see how they implemented processes and tools to become more data driven.

During this 90-minute executive web briefing, you will:

  • Hear Monarch and Options Counseling and Family Services share how they have leveraged analytics to improve treatment procedures and outcomes
  • Discover concrete strategies to better incorporate reporting and analytics into your organization
  • Understand the unique value analytics and reporting provide your organization

Registration for this webinar is free of charge, courtesy of Qualifacts + Credible:

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Improve Performance & Outcomes Today To Prepare For The Future Value-Based Reimbursement Landscape: A Look At Credible EHR’s Business Intelligence & Analytics

Product Demonstration – Sponsored By Qualifacts + Credible

Value-based reimbursement models and county-defined outcome measures will require a fully-configurable reporting tool providing dashboards and reports to ensure provider organizations are successful in our changing behavioral health and human services landscape.
In this presentation, you will see how Credible’s robust reporting capabilities are enabling behavioral health and human services management teams across the country to analyze staff productivity, performance drivers, and trending data today to prepare them for tomorrow’s value-based reimbursement requirements. Angelica Eddleman, Qualifacts + Credible, Vice President of Sales, and Jesse Weidner, Qualifacts + Credible, Solutions Consultant Manager will:
  • Demonstrate Credible EHR’s multiple reporting options for providing fully-configurable reporting tools to create custom reports and dashboards, as well as graphical reporting functionality for distribution,
  • Present how organizations can leverage their own data for a 360 view of their organization’s performance and outcomes to report, analyze, and present visually compelling and detailed graphical information to decision makers,
  • Provide real-life case scenarios of a value-based reimbursement model which can be applied to your organization, and
  • Discuss how Credible EHR will help agencies retain full access to their data and utilize it to make informed decisions to create real change and impact in their organizations for a successful tomorrow.
Is your EHR up to the challenge or are you becoming frustrated waiting for them to get up to speed? Join us for this valuable session to learn how Qualifacts + Credible’s tried and true Credible EHR is ready to help your organization today.

MHCA Summer Conference

Join us in Boston for the MHCA Summer Conference, August 3-5! Visit our booth to learn how our Behavioral Health EHR solutions can equip your Agency with the data-driven insights and efficient workflows to thrive in the “new normal”.