Event 01/01/1970

Surviving Consumerism: Leveraging Your EHR For Consumer-Centric Care

Person-centered thinking and operations is a tall order made impossible without the proper tech investments. Health information technology (IT) must be built around supporting person-centered thinking and operations by collecting and analyzing the necessary health and performance data, and sharing the relevant data with other stakeholders to support care coordination for the individual.

The behavioral health and social service field is at the apex of two converging forces in consumerism: –

  • The first is an organic movement in the field to focus on framing of ‘outcomes’ in terms of consumer-defined recovery.
  • The second factor is the continued growth of consumer ‘out-of-pocket’ contribution to health care services. A rising percentage of total U.S. health care costs are now paid directly by consumers, an outgrowth of policies to contain and reduce health care expenditures.

Along with outlining the key best practices, Erin Wester, Director of Practice Operations and Effectiveness; Oriana Schonlaw, Data Support Analyst; Peter Dunlap, Systems Engineer; and Vicki Williams, Director of Applications Development from the Jefferson Center for Mental Health will present a case study on how they have utilized their EHR and other technologies to make the organization more consumer-focused.