Event 03/10/2021

Staying Focused In A Year Of Disruptions & Distractions, A Success Story: VIP Community Mental Health Center, Los Angeles County, California

2020 has been a year of unprecedented disruptions and distractions. How can any team reach their goals in a remote working environment with constant zoom meeting interruptions and breaking news alerts? Believe it or not, it is possible.

In this session, the Qualifacts’ implementation team’s Robert Patton, Vice President of Implementation Services, Tyler Burnette, Sr. Implementation Project Manager and Erik Surwill, Director of IT for VIP Community Mental Health Center in California discuss how they overcame the distractions of 2020 to successfully implement CareLogic.

During this session, presenters will discuss:

  • Overcoming challenges of a remote implementation in a year of disruptions and distractions;
  • What factors helped to keep the implementation progressing;
  • What were the greatest challenges that needed to be overcome;
  • How partnership and preparation led to the success of the implementation; and
  • What can agencies learn from this example.

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