Event 08/06/2020

“So, How’s That 2020 Strategic Plan Going?” A Roundtable Discussion About the Current Behavioral Health Environment

Free Executive Web Briefing, Sponsored by Qualifacts

Join behavioral health care leaders from across the U.S. in a candid, roundtable discussion about how they are adapting to the year’s changes and viewing the opportunities and challenges ahead. Moderated by Qualifacts Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Jeff Silverman, this hour promises to deliver honesty, insight – and some humor – in the face of adversity.

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Featured Speakers

Jeff Silverman
Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

Monica E. Oss, M.S.
Chief Executive Officer

Brad Howell
President & CEO
Fidelity House

Yvette Bairan
Chief Executive Officer
Astor Services
for Children & Families

Paul Curtis
Executive Director
California Council of Community Behavioral Health Agencies

Gregory N. Wellems
Executive Director, Intellectual Disability Services
Keystone Human Services