Event 01/01/1970

Exploring the CCBHC Landscape: A Path to Success

The Arizona behavioral health and human services community has been challenged like never before in 2020. For the growing CCBHC community, there have been some added complexities, and opportunities, in the COVID-19 pandemic. Want to find out what they learned, and how they are carrying that knowledge forward to provide more and better services?

This webinar will explore CCBHCs, what are they and how you can be successful.

Presenter Holly Carman, Qualifacts + Credible Compliance Manager will explore lessons learned, and how CCBHCs are uniquely positioned for success now, and going forward, in an ever-evolving behavioral health and human services landscape.

  • Gain insights into how CCBHCs continue to evolve,
  • What investments can your organization make now to be ready in the future, and
  • Lessons learned — positive and negative — that will help CCBHCs serve their communities more effectively going forward.