Event 03/18/2021

Digital Health Care: Current & Future Technologies Impacting Health & Human Services

Health care is currently undergoing global transformation with digital health care technologies leading the way. The rate in which many of these technological solutions are being brought to market continues to accelerate. In these solutions, we are seeing transformations ranging across the spectrum—from exploring the possibilities of technology to massive shifts in its use and impact.

Health and human services organizations are rapidly preparing by retooling and recalibrating their strategy to address the shifting landscape. Many organizational leaders are having to develop new plans for new competition that was not previously conceived – mostly brought on by innovation in digital products and services.

In this session, we will explore the impact digital technologies are having on the current health and human services market as well as discuss solutions in development that could have a profound impact in the future. We will discuss:

  • Developments in technology-enabled care delivery
  • Barriers to technology-enabled care
  • Impact to the connected patient/consumer and provider
  • How today’s innovation will impact the future, including examples of game-changing technologies

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Featured Speakers

Paul Duck
Senior Associate