Providers Growingly Concerned About EHR Functionalities & The Technologies Needs For Future Service Delivery & Reimbursement: Top EHR Trends From The 2021 OPEN MINDS National Behavioral Health EHR Survey

Originally presented on October 19, 2021.

We’re bombarded with stories about electronic health records (EHR) evolving to become more flexible and use more services like blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and artificial intelligence, but what do your peers report firsthand? We recently concluded the sixth annual OPEN MINDS National Behavioral Health EHR Survey and found that 53% of provider organizations report their EHR does not have all the functionalities they need. Only 19% report their clinical, scheduling, billing, and reporting and analytics functionalities as meeting their needs. These Core 4 functionalities are crucial to service delivery and organizational sustainability.

In this webinar, OPEN MINDS Senior Associate, Joe Naughton-Travers, shared the results of the 2021 OPEN MINDS National Behavioral Health EHR Survey and discussed what organizations can do to plan for the next advances in health care technology and service delivery. Mr. Travers also discussed the growing concern among providers and what functionalities to be looking at for future service delivery and timely reimbursements.

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Maximize Your Organizational Effectiveness With Analytics & Reporting: Unique Case Studies As Told By Monarch & Options Counseling & Family Services

Originally presented on 9/28/2021

Improving value, competitive advantage, and sustainability are top of mind for executives of most behavioral health and human services provider organizations. None of these improvements are possible without consistent, high-quality reporting and analytics. Implementing analytics and reporting is much easier than you may believe.

During this webinar, Scott Budzien, Data Scientist at Monarch; Adam Falk, Chief Information Officer at Options Counseling and Family Services; and Christy Winter, Senior Product Manager, Analytics, at Qualifacts + Credible dove into the world of reporting and analytics, and how they can benefit an organization. Our panelists discussed the difference between reporting and analytics and the value each provides to your organization. They also discussed several key strategies for successfully implementing reporting and analytics in your culture. Monarch and Options Counseling & Family Services also shared their journeys into the world of reporting and analytics and how they implemented processes and tools to become more data driven.

Don’t Leave Money On The Table: How The Right Technology Can Improve Your VBR Success

Originally presented on May 26th, 2021

Value-based care is here! If you haven’t started thinking about what it is you need to compete in a value-based environment, now is the time to start. With the rise in value-based care contracts and utilization of alternative payment models, provider organizations are challenged with doing the research and homework to get prepared for these new ways of managing care.

Hear an update on where we are with value-based care from OPEN MINDS Senior Associate, Ken Carr, as well as a firsthand case study from Capital Area Human Services (CAHS) on their journey to value-based care. CAHS Director of Business Development, Karla Lee Muzik, and Program Manager, John Nosacka, will showcase how their organization discovered they had been losing money by not having the right technology and how they began to remedy the problem.

During this session, attendees will:

  • Understand the current state of value-based care
  • Discover how to tell if they too are losing money with the wrong tools and technology
  • Hear a real-life case study from one provider organization who was losing money by not having the right tools to succeed with value-based contracting

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A Stable Connection Should Mean More Than Just a Strong Wi-Fi Signal: How to Keep Care Connections Personal in a Virtual World

Originally presented on 7/13/21

With the shift to virtual meetings and hybrid models to provide care to clients and consumers, the feeling that we’ve lost the connection of face-to-face interactions is real. Virtual fatigue leaves us all longing for the “human touch,” but telehealth and other developing forms of digital evaluation and treatment is here to stay. Where and how do we find balance with when it comes to personalized care?

In this virtual webinar we:
1) Reviewed models where the client-centric focus is the hallmark,
2) Explored components of what makes programs like the CCBHC model successful to client engagement (and empowerment!) to our ever-growing interoperable landscape.

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The Future Is 2020 In The Rearview Mirror: A 2021 Forecast

The COVID-19 pandemic caused major shifts throughout organizations, industries, and the entire world. The behavioral health and human services market is no exception. As we look back on 2020, there were some short-term tactics that we anticipated would be around for a while to allow provider organizations to create stability, resiliency, and success while weathering the ‘new normal’ we have all been faced with.

Monica Oss, Chief Executive Officer of OPEN MINDS, delivered this presentation on April 6, 2021, and shared insights on how far the behavioral health and human services industry has come since the COVID-19 pandemic struck just over one-year ago.

Learning Objectives:

  • The 12 critical actions successful leaders were taking last year to combat market challenges, and which are still being utilized today
  • How organizations are keeping their employees engaged and motivated to avoid burnout
  • Preparing for the ‘next normal’ – transitioning to the post-pandemic environment


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Why Measuring Performance & Tracking Outcomes Are Your Roadmap to Success: A Discussion With Eric Arnson, Chief Product Officer, Qualifacts + Credible

This presentation was delivered on March 10, 2021 at The OPEN MINDS Technology & Analytics Institute. In the presentation, the speakers highlighted the critical importance of your electronic health record’s (EHR) analytics and reporting functionality. The speakers discussed what is driving the trend towards greater need for outcomes tracking and reporting; how providers are using outcomes measures; and how the right EHR is vital in measuring performance measures and reporting outcomes to drive success. Additionally, the speakers provided a brief overview of the results of the 2020 National Behavioral Health EHR Survey results related to business intelligence, analytics, outcomes tracking, and reporting.

The presentation speakers included:

  • Eric Arnson, Chief Product Officer, Qualifacts + Credible
  • Joe Naughton-Travers, EdM, Senior Associate, OPEN MINDS

The 21st Century Cures Act & Information Blocking: What It Is & What It Means To Persons Served, Providers & HIT Vendors

This presentation was delivered on March 11, 2021 at The OPEN MINDS Technology & Analytics Institute. In the presentation, the speakers discussed the impact of the 21st Century Cures Act on clients, providers, and vendors; what information blocking is and what data must be available; and how the organization is managing data access overall.

The presentation speakers included:

  • Rachel Clemens, Vice President of Solutions Consulting, Qualifacts + Credible
  • Mary Givens, Senior Compliance Manager, Qualifacts + Credible

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The Tech-Enabled Provider Organization: The 2020 OPEN MINDS Health & Human Service Technology Survey

As the health and human service market shifts to value-based reimbursement with a focus on cost and quality, specialty provider organizations will need to adopt new technologies to survive. Increasingly, there is a need for population health management, data exchange, and clinical decision support tools. For executives, linking technology investment to strategy is essential to success—performance, competitive advantage, and sustainability. OPEN MINDS surveyed specialty provider organizations in the health and human services to determine where they are on the road to technology adoption. The survey provides information on:

  • Technology adoption by market and organizational size
  • The number of full-time IT employees by market and organizational size
  • The size of IT budgets by market and organizational size
  • Trends in technology adoption by market and organizational size

A free copy of The Tech-Enabled Provider Organization: The 2020 OPEN MINDS Health & Human Service Technology Survey is available to all readers due to the generous sponsorship of Qualifacts + Credible.

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Providing Stability & Innovation During Changing Times: Introducing Paul Ricci, CEO of Qualifacts + Credible

As the instability of the evolving health and human service market continues, executive teams across the nation are facing new and unprecedented challenges. The top question on all of our minds? How can we bring stability to our organizations – and ensure sustainability in the months ahead?

Re-thinking longstanding strategies and adopting new, innovative, customer-focused strategies are rarely ‘top of mind’ for executives operating in uncertain times… but while searching for a ‘roadmap’ to stability, successful leaders often find that innovation is the best path to success.

Monica E. Oss, OPEN MINDS’  CEO, and Paul Ricci, CEO of the newly merged Qualifacts + Credible organization, are two industry leaders who’ve embraced innovation to lead their organizations through current and past market disruptions. Join these two leaders for a unique discussion about how innovation, technology adoption, and customer-focused approaches can be the keys you need to unlock stability for your organization in today’s market.