Leveraging Your EHR To Accommodate The “No Surprises Act”

While many state Medicaid programs have had balance billing regulations in place for ten or more years, the “No Surprises Act” has many nuances that impact behavioral health agencies, particularly in the area of compliance. During the webinar on October 11, 2022, Tammy Selleck, Senior Manager of Revenue Cycle Management Services for Qualifacts reviewed the “No Surprises Act” and its impact on our market with an emphasis on factors appearing within the first year of implementation, lessons learned from past implementations, and subtle implications behavioral health providers must consider in regards to compliance.

Tammy discussed the act and its compliance requirements, including:

  • The lessons learned from the initial period of implementation
  • The nuances behavioral health agencies must to be aware of to maintain compliance
  • The tools your EHR should have to help you comply with the “No Surprises Act”



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Navigating Complex Care Models – 5 Stages of Complex Care and Reimbursement Model Experience

As provider organizations evaluate and adopt complex care and reimbursement models, there are five consistent stages of experience. Whether taking on Value-Based Care contracts, becoming or working with a CCBHC program provider, the path to success travels a similar progression.

On August 24, 2022, Qualifacts’ CCBHC Program Manager Mary Givens shared insights and best practices from organizations around the country in different stages of their complex care experience. She also discussed how to evaluate progress across the stages and how to build a cycle of continuous quality improvement.

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