Event 01/01/1970

A Metrics-Based Approach To Strategy & Management: How To Succeed With Any Payment Model

Free Executive Web Briefing Courtesy of The EHR Best Practices Community

A metrics-based approach to management is critical for success in any payment model, but especially so in value-based reimbursement models. With the majority of health plans utilizing reimbursement structures that include a pay-for-performance component, health and human services providers need to ensure they are prepared to adequately manage their performance. Organizations cannot wait to receive a report from payers on their performance but must continuously monitor their own performance and make adjustments when something isn’t working.

By adopting a metrics-based approach to strategy and management, provider organizations increase their chances of success with alternative payment models. This performance reporting allows organizations to proactively monitoring performance across the organization to ensure they meet all contracted measures and metrics. Join John Talbot, Executive Editor of the EHR Best Practices Community, and Clinical & Support Options President and Chief Executive Officer, Karin Jeffers, and Jes Charette-Fallon, Director of Business Systems, on May 19th at 12:00pm ET to uncover how to adopt a metrics-based approach to strategy and management for success with alternative payment models.

During this online event, attendees will:

•View a range of payment models for providers in the health and human services field
•Understand the critical competencies for a metrics-based management system
•Learn the additional data competencies require for value-based reimbursement
•Hear a firsthand case study from Clinical & Support Options in Massachusetts